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Water heater

The Ecoheat product range is a set of thermodynamic water heater products for the production of domestic hot water.


Stainless steel


max DHW

100 to 500L



Easy installation

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Ecoheat EH range

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Thermodynamic water heater

GThanks to its new design and configuration, the Ecoheat EH thermodynamic water heater range adapts to all types of environment and offers maximum efficiency. The wide range (from 100L to 500L) makes it possible to equip all types of accommodationts.

Sound appearance elegant and  compact thus  that  its 

performance   font of  this  unit  the  best

choice for new construction as well as home renovationss.

Solar thermodynamic water heater

.The Ecoheat TD range integrates  a  or  several  panels thermodynamic solar panels installed outdoors, capable of extracting solar energy and that contained in the surrounding environment. 


This  additional energy is  used in  the  cycle thermodynamic to heat water, thus obtaining high efficiency combining thermodynamic and solar technologies.

Ecoheat range
TD solar

ECOHEAT EH thermodynamic water heater

ECOHEAT TD SOLAR thermodynamic water heater

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