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  • How does the connection of our heat pumps work?
    To optimize our heat pumps, we have designed an innovative system called D'Box", which introduces new functionalities. This system uses IoT devices, in particular a 4G router whose purpose is to communicate the heat pump remotely. Once equipped, the heat pump then becomes connected in real timeto our online platform, thus offering several advantages.
  • What are the advantages of our connected heat pumps?
    A remote maintenance service, as well as an energy flexibility service. These features are fully part of a sustainable approach, offering increased efficiency while reducing the environmental footprint.To find out more, go to the Dokles, our subsidiary dedicated to these services.
  • How does the connection work?
    The connection is made via a 4G network independent of your Wi-Fi network.
  • What devices are added to the Heat pump?
    All of the components that make a heat pump connected are called “D’Box”. This includes a smart thermostat, an energy meter, a 4G router with a USB/RS485 dongle as well as a Modbus communication cable.
  • Where are the connected devices installed?
    The router and the thermostat are placed in the home according to connectivity and customer request, the RS485 USB key is connected to the router, and the energy meter is integrated into the heat pump.
  • Learn more about our thermostat
    For easy and efficient control of your heating system, our smart thermostat offers advanced features, including time programming (weekly, week/weekend, daily, holiday mode). For an optimal experience, it integrates a touch screen, a humidity sensor and high-performance connectivity (Wi-Fi, Modbus). At the same time, it allows us to establish a reliable connection with our online platform, and thus optimize remote services. Main characteristics of the thermostat: • 3.5" TFT color touchscreen • Wi-Fi connection via the internet box for remote control/configuration • Time programming (weekly, week/weekend, daily) • Humidity sensor • Automatic time/date synchronization via Wi-Fi • Modbus RS485, TCP connectivity • ECL by Dokles app to control the heat pump remotely • Dimensions: 8.6 x 9.6 x 3.25 cm (height*width*depth)
  • Learn more about our ECL Pilot connected thermostat app
    Real-time control of your heat pump at your fingertips, wherever you are. Easy and intuitive control, designed to optimize your thermal comfort. The ECL online thermostat app allows you to access the features of your thermostat directly on your phone or tablet. You will be able to control and monitor your heating system easily by accessing multiple functionalities, such as: • Monitor: - the status of your device - Vacation mode - humidity / temperature - set temperatures • Pilot: - the mode of operation - hourly planning - thermal comfort - optimal start
  • How to contact the ECL Nexus teams?
    If you are using an ECL Nexus s product or service and need support or have questions about your membership, rest assured of our responsiveness. Our advisors and technical support team strive to respond quickly to your requests, to ensure your positive experience with our services. To get in touch with ECL Nexus support, you can send us an email to: contact@eclcap .com or fill out our contact form.
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